Pixelated Nonsense

by Reality Control

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Most of this album was written at the end of and just after high school. It took a while to record because the band broke up in the process and Colin and I mixed it through rented speakers on top of an old detuned piano (that very piano is also on the record!). It seemed like an impossible task to finish this at one point but I am very happy we did. We all learned a lot about how music works when we made this. Also, my dad designed the cool psychedelic cover. Don't ask me what pixelated nonsense is supposed to mean, I have no idea.


released March 7, 2013

Performed, Engineered, and Mixed by Reality Control
Mastered by Shawn Jurek

Dante Matas - Guitars, Piano, Synths, Percussion, Singing
Colin McNally - Bass, Drums
Jared Parker - Guitars, Synths, Percussion, Singing
Sean Leckie - Drums



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Dante Matas Toronto, Ontario

Born in 1992 and raised in the heart of downtown Toronto, Dante Matas began writing music on the piano at the age of eight.
Today, with an MA in Philosophy and a penchant for poetry and creative writing, Dante has combined his interests to create his own unique brand of pop, folk, and experimental music.
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Track Name: All Too Human
It isn’t easy to see
It isn’t noticed so easily
The sun’s not floating, that just a lie, and I’ll tell you why:
It’s held up by the sky

So runaway on the spot
And search where you are for what you’re not
Twist in a cyclone of endless days, infinite malaise
The everlasting craze

And it’s all too human
The feeling of adding up to the sum of someone collectively dumb
Undo all that’s been undone

What I want is to destroy the world, but that is all

And it’s all too human
The feeling of adding up to the sum of someone collectively dumb
And I try to be you
While you are trying to be me too
Divide so swiftly between
And see all that’s been unseen

Until forever gives in
Misunderstanding will always win
So if the sun in tomorrows skies doesn’t even rise,
I wont apologize
Track Name: Stray
This feeling with each fear
I’ve already been here
My mind is soaring but the familiarity’s boring

Eyes on the ground, the heavy sighs
I wonder, I wander

How long, how long
Til I finally realize
That I’m just walking in my own footsteps, head up in the skies
What an adolescent stride
No displacement what surprise

I crawl to a soft halt
A self-loss is a firm fault
Eyes blame and wander
Mouth swears and squanders
I don’t know what to

Say this, fading thought
I don’t misunderstand what I am not
And I don’t even fall apart all day
As long as I stray out of everyone’s way

Your inconsistent time is interchangeable with mine
And I don’t fall apart all day
As long as I stray out of everyone’s way
Track Name: Age Of Doubt
Just hear me out, there’s nothing left to shout, my voice is shattered
So let me in, I’m trying not to win by losing myself
Age of doubt, unsure what it’s about or what it wants to be
How can I prove what I already told you I don’t understand if I have yet to explain my aversion to coherent things?
I never know, you never say, I’ll be, although I wasn’t born this
Way to imply, don’t even try, you cannot fold the corner of my eye
Overthrown, forgotten and alone, the silver lining
Age of doubt, you’ve got me figured out, I feel so assured
Way to imply, don’t even try, you cannot fold the corner of my
I never know, you never say, I’ll be, although I wasn’t born
I could’ve sworn something was torn from me and set free
Just hear me out, there’s nothing left to doubt yet no one’s sure
Track Name: Disconnected At The Wing
I know you are the face of the world
I know you spun in place as it swirled

It isn’t hard to figure out
It isn’t difficult to doubt, no it isn’t
It’s the easiest thing
You’re disconnected at the wing

It really doesn’t matter if you do well
That’s not important, just like when you can’t tell it’s unfathomable

Won’t you tell it’s not what it is?
Won’t you tell me you’re not who you are?

It isn’t hard to make it up
Is fabrication not enough for you? Yes it is
It’s the simplest thing
You’re disconnected at the wing

It’s imperfection we relate to the best
Unanswered question marks make up the rest
Do I mean we admit?

We’re all filing in a line
We’re misdirected to feel fine
But in the aftermath that occurred subsequently posterior to equation we deemed you most appropriately something that’s disconnected at the wing
Track Name: Swollen Pseudo Fantasy
I’ll wait in the morning, I’ll wait in the night, I won’t wait the whole length of my life
As it turns and tosses and twists out of line
I’ll rush through the instant, I’ll swing from the moon in slow motion with flames, I presume
Like a comet sweeping through life like a broom
Don’t tell me I’m the only one that breaks before they’re made
By serving all the radicals and pining through my days
That it’s only a matter of time before I’m forced to crawl
Because don’t you know that time for me is no matter at all
I’ll slowly admit to uncanny relief while depicting unwanted defeat
As a fading birthmark that acts so discreet when it’s not
Though the clouds break open, the rain had forgot
Now I’m bleeding into animations, swollen pseudo fantasy
Track Name: Strange Robot Thing
Intelligence is fucking stupid, and it’s so lucidly uneasy to see it's not me (if you think illogically)
Strange robot thing, you’ve got no power
And I’ll devour every inch of your soul if you dare do anything you’re told, now feel uncontrolled
I don’t pretend to be invisible so I will not be seen, I don’t stare into the distance of a television screen
I don’t even waste my time when I’m conversing with a mime
I’m on your side, I’m rooting for you, I won’t adore you anymore if I’m paid. Like my bed, my decisions are unmade
Settle down everyone, it’s all fine, please do not notice your melting spine
I less than care and I couldn’t care less, I’m not embarrassed but I feel out of place
I can’t face what I also can’t erase. Surprise, surprise, it was all expected
The misdirected re-elected themselves and then planned the auto-tuning of Ayn Rand and Franz Ferdinand
I don’t imagine it’s imaginable, I don’t disagree, but I don’t feel it’s all that laughable, you just laugh easily
I don’t want to be the one pretending apathy is fun
Track Name: Pixelated Nonsense
In a way, everything is made up of electronic clay, with a shock that’s barely elastic in its delay
As it feeds on mechanical sky and we don’t wonder why it does
When I am where I am, then I will be where I will be
Will or when? Invisible options arising now and then, with the charm of impossibility imagined
As its limitless paths intertwine, bypassing our mind’s design
Pixelated nonsense frown, why do you bring me down?
Eternally enjoyable, yet I’m following you underground
Feel a little less distress, in that way, settle for the best
Nothing should concern no one, everything should be left unaddressed
Notably, all that’s incapable breathes so capably through the lungs of digital introspective safety
In the web of innumerable things, pleasantly devoid of what it brings
When I am where I am, I will know and I will suggest
Track Name: Tenseless
A chance is enough for pretending
It lures me away, never ending
I’ll float in the feedback of a lifetime
I’ll drown in a room full of oxygen

A moth is the moon, what’s the reason?
A moth is the sun, what’s the reason?
The earth is a moth, what’s the reason now?

When by the morning there is something wrong
Then by the evening there is something wrong
When by the morning there is nothing wrong
Then by the evening there is nothing wrong

An eavesdropping hug, melting eyelids
A frantic deceit, not so frantic
I’ll climb through the midnight to a bright star
A chance is enough to be where you are
Track Name: Interiorisms
You cannot withstand our not yet well-developed plan
Fixed on to transfix all the invoices it depicts

Because everything you know,
Everything you think you know is just a box
And its open
You’re the only one that understands all of the things you haven’t done
Can you tell me why that is or why it should be?

Everything you know,
Everything you think you know is just a box
And it’s open for your eyes to look into

Adding to this mess, a multiplied level of stress
The product of it all sums up the hole inside the wall

You’re the only one that understands all of the things you’ve haven’t done
Can you tell me?
Everything you know,
Everything you think you know is just a box
And it’s open for your mind to peer into
Right now